About Us

Angie Bowen

I’m Angie Bowen, one of the creative minds behind Arbenting. I’ll go ahead and admit here that words aren’t necessarily my strong suit. Not that I can’t turn a phrase when necessary, but it is just that I have always leaned more toward the visual side of expression when it comes to the arts. The side where words don’t always matter as much.

I began my design career years ago learning to build and devise websites, and that passion still persists today. Now that I have a been able to teach myself the ins and outs of the field, my aim is to give back to the community that enabled me to do so.

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Rob Bowen

And I’m Robert Bowen, the other half of the Arbenting duo. I’m a Libra, and I enjoy long hikes in the hills, and wait, what website is this for again? Oh, yeah. Um, ignore that last bit there, I would erase it, but I’m a lazy typist. Probably copywriting was the wrong area for me to focus my expertise, with that being the case, but low and behold, my focus is fixed.

After my stint working for an Arts Council and producing all of their copy for promotional materials, newsletters, and press releases, I really grew fond of a more technical aspect to writing. I had never written in a professional arena, and while the freedom of scripts and poems still has it’s appeal, I have enjoyed the more structured format of working in copywriting as well. The design field has always held my interest, and while my talents lay more towards layout and composition, I do occasionally labor through putting some designs together myself. Though, admittedly, I tend toward the pen more often than not.

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The Blog

Arbenting began as a dream that followed us around for a while, and suddenly became a reality for us around many years ago, and we haven’t looked back since. In fact, we have been running with it ever since. Growing in our roles and building a place for us in the online community. Starting with Arbent Creative Designs, which became Arbenting for the blog, then growing beyond that into our darker side design line Dead Wings Designs, we launched head first into the waters and soon found ourselves as temporary editors for Fuel Your Creativity.

After stepping down and parting ways with Fuel, we began rededicating our efforts to our work on our own sites, when Rob was hired as an editor for Noupe by the Smashing Magazine team. Since, we have worked to keep building and updating Arbenting to make it as useful a resource to the community as we can. With so much love for the field and the community that drives it, we are so lucky to have been given a home within it, and we hope that Arbenting can stand as a testament to our gratitude for all the support and love we have been shown over the years.

P.S. We get asked a lot just where we got the name Arbent, or consequently Arbenting, and so we thought that we would include that here. We wanted something both original and meaningful, which was difficult to come up with as we poured through the options. Then one day it came to us. A simple approach that would satisfy both of our criteria. We decided to work off of the principle idea of Angie and Robert Bowen Enterprises, and broke it down so that |A|ngie and |R|obert |B|owen |Ent|erprises became Arbent. Then as we put that into practice and began blogging about designing it became a verb Arbenting. And that is the very uninteresting story of how we became Arbenting.

About the Blog

The Arbenting Blog was created by Angie Bowen & Rob Bowen to give back to the design community with custom made freebies, design articles, inspiration and more. All of the freebies offered here are available for both commercial & personal use, no attribution required.