Artist Showcase : The Digital Paintings of Marta Nael

In the ever-on-going search for inspiration and inspirational artists, it is always a special treat when you discover a powerfully talented person whose worked had, until now, escaped your view and completely missed your radar. Today, we have such a treat to present. An artist of stirring capabilities whom we only recently come across. And we are so glad that we did.

Marta Nael is an illustrator and painter whose work on digital canvases has paved the way for her to make a living freelancing with her emotive and charged pieces. The sensational artistry with which she wields her tools, be they analog or digital, is truly an inspiration and a delight to behold. And we are pleased to feature some of her impressive works to our readers.

So many of her digital paintings mirror analog brush strokes so precisely that you cannot often tell you are looking at a digital piece.

boat in a storm by Marta Nael

be my valentine by Marta Nael

night centaur by Marta Nael

castle and citywall village by Marta Nael

white faerie by Marta Nael

mermaid and her alter ego fish by Marta Nael

ari concept art by Marta Nael

exploring underwater by Marta Nael

mothership arrives by Marta Nael

temple and monoliths by Marta Nael

black swan - ugly duckling by Marta Nael

earth matte by Marta Nael

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