Inspiration in Orange

As our reboot continues, we roll on through the rainbow with our inspirational color series. This week we are going to aim our focus on the next hue that we feel deserves its day in the sun. So today’s color is Orange! Sorry for the Sesame Street moment, but it just felt right. Anyway, we searched through the web to collect some truly inspired designs with an orange focus.

The color orange is a warm color that tends to be associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. It represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, and creativity. And today, we hope that it represents an abundance of inspiration! Enjoy…

Graphic Art Inspiration


Fairy of Halloween Pumpkin


Old Identity

Firefox Typography

Implicit Design

Genesi Brochure Communication Design Studio

Ericsson Adverts

Logo Design & Branding Inspiration

Feng, an asian inspired fashion boutique

Break Bread Hospitality

Global Recruiting Campaign

Low Winter Sun Branding

Pro-Plan Investments Logo

Sergii Bogulavkyi Business Card

Debut London ID

Moody Stationery

Interior Design Inspiration

Dinahosting Interior

Quantum Table

Lovely Uma

Rehabilitation Centre for Invalids

Orange Kitchen

Solarium Moscow

Hotel Khroma


Product & Packaging Design Inspiration

Dharma Lounge

Sound Eggs

Wanda Chaise Lounge

Quick Fruit Packaging Concept

Heidi Chocolate Packaging Proposal

House of Spice

Package design for Vegetoria Carrot

Pure Juice

Fashion & Costume Design Inspiration

Shades of Bright and Dark

Kimono Nostasis

The Mask

Fall in Japan Eveningware Dress


Orange Crush

Dobrawa Hook

Web Design Inspiration

Tom, Dick, and Harry Creative


Hope Unlimited





Wallpaper Inspiration

Fantasy Island

The Beatles

The Flow of Time

Some Sugar for Your Tea



I’ll Let You Tell Me


Photography Inspiraiton

Burn the Sky

walk with me

Natural History

Forever Lost


Eden I



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  • Wendy Bromilow

    Some Really Beautiful images and great inspiration.
    Thanks for the share
    Wendy xx

  • Yogi

    Love the Logo Design & Branding, Web Design and Photography Inspirations! Thank you for sharing.

  • Nora @Logo Design

    Wonderful for orange inspiration, it is really inspiring, like that all photos, logos, web designs, n all that other stuff! Wonderful :)

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