Watercolor Sprays : A High-Resolution Texture Pack

Watercolor has always been one of my favorite mediums, it’s so versatile and easily manipulated, not to mention it’s portability. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some misters so that I could mix my own watercolors and mist them in a fine spray. These little misters have opened up a whole new world for in my paintings.

Rob is the one who finally suggested that they would make an awesome texture pack for us to give away. I was so wrapped up in playing with my new toys to have even considered it! We made sure to include a few light and subtle textures as well as some bright and bold ones, so hopefully they’ll be useful in a variety of projects.

I made these using Mr. Misty misters, Da Vinci Watercolors (which I have to say are some of the most vibrant and creamy watercolors I’ve ever used) and Fabriano Artist Paper.


  • Size: 2146×3444 pixels : 300 dpi
  • Included: 1 zip file containing 6 jpgs
  • Style: Watercolor
  • Free for both commercial and personal use, no attribution required
  • Do not repackage or redistribute. If you would like to share these freebies, please link to this page.

Texture Previews







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